Contract Labor

We are one of the oldest in this industry with an experience of more than 35 years. We are known for the best staff for cleaning and house-keeping services. Our expertise is in providing quality labors to our clients. Staff we provide are directly selected from us and it is not any sub-contractor labor, this helps us know how our staff is performing and we can monitor regularly.

We have a very good training facility for our clients were we train them in right manner so that we provide our clients with the best quality labor. Along with training we are well recognized for higher pay scale and benefits such as PF, travelling etc to our labors. Also we take sufficient information about the labor from our network or sources which makes us easy for selecting the right candidate.

What is Contract Staffing or Temping?

Contract Staffing or Temping is a co-employment relationship between a Client company, temping company and the Employee.

The relationship between the Client and the temping company is captured in a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The CSA establishes a three party relationship whereby the Temping Company acts as the employer of the temporary employee who works at the clients premises. Under the CSA the temping company assumes responsibility for the personnel administration and compliance for most employment related government regulations, while the client retains the employee’s services in its business and remains the employer for various other purposes.

With constant increases in the scale of operation, DM Tawde becomes an efficient resource partner offering staffing solutions – facilitating organizations to acquire flexible and permanent workforce in order to enhance productivity, quality and helping the company to reduce employment related risk.